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    Our international parent comapny expanded the mixer line in order to increase rubber production capacity and ensure timely delivery to our customers.

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    buy fluoxetine 40 mg

    Our international parent company added two more brand new and advanced bolt production lines for elevators bolts, which will be put into production since Jan 2010. Therefore, we are now able to meet various and higher demands on the elevator bolts.

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    M type bucket is an improved style of European Super Starco bucket. It can interchange with Super starco bucket freely while keeping the same performance and lifetime but reducing the cost dramatically.

  • fluoxetine 20 mg buy

    AA industrial buckets developed and commericalised

    Our AA industrial buckets in 17 models are continuously developed. Based on our patent owned bucket design, our AA industrial buckets have better price/quality ratio compared to other industrial bucket styles in the market.

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    International parent company’s expansion project completed

    International parent company’s expansion project completed

    Expansion project of factory 2 was completed on Dec 2009, projects include 4000M2 new workshop, 2 new production lines of elevator bolts and 1 production line of UHMWPE sheet.

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