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Integral Attachment Roller / Bush Chain R Series

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Bush Chain (B)

P45 Bush Chain

S Type Roller Chain (S)

Minimum Tensile Strength in (Lbs) Size Pitch (mm) Width Between Inner Plates (mm) Roller Diameter (mm) Bush Diameter (mm) Pin Diameter (mm) Plate (mm) Flight Attachment (mm)
P W D1 D d H T L L1 d1
19800 C66.5 □ 306- 4LF1-160 66.5 ▲19 26 30 22.23 12.7 30 6 160 102 9
C66.5 □ 306- 4LF1-160 68 26 22.23 16.2 11.1 122
27000 C100 □ 406-4LR2-130 100 25▲ 38 36 24 16 40 6 130 102 9
  • Note:
  • 1.“▲” marked one are recommended sizes.
  • 2.“□” can be substituted with B or S based on roller and bush type.

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Minimum Tensile Strength in(KN) Size Pitch (mm) Width Between Inner Plates (mm) S Type Roller Diameter (mm) Bush Diameter (mm) Pin Diameter (mm) Plate (mm)
P W D1 D d H T
24000 81X 66.27 27 23 16.2 11.1 28.6 4
34000 81XH 31.4 6/8
43000 81XHH 31.4 8