Bucket Elevator


Prime high-speed bucket elevators are an efficient way to vertically lift most bulk materials, which can be used at farms, port facilities, food processing, and mines. Combining with Prime patented buckets, Prime elevators can achieve 20% more capacity with the same footprint. Prime can supply bucket elevators up to 1500 tph capacity.


Head pulley

Prime elevators are fitted with a flat head pulley surface, which is easier to replace the slide laggings. Pulley crowning is achieved by the thicker centre pad and tapered side pads. Prime slide laggings are supplied to match any diameter of pulleys. Same width of rubber pads, which maintains a better dynamic balance for the head pulley.


Prime can supply elevators with a wide range of buckets. Please see the components section of the website.

Buckets can be carried around by an elevator belt or heavy-duty elevator chain.

Elevator Belt

Elevator belts can be fitted with rubber or PVC wrapped belts. Elevator belts can meet the requirement of oil resistance and high-temperature resistance.


Sensors Options to ensure safe operations:

  • Belt alignment sensor
  • Underspeed sensor
  • Bearing temperature sensor
  • Take up end position sensor