Drag Conveyor


A prime drag conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk material horizontally or small incline for a medium distance. Multiple outlets can be achieved by having intermediate outlets with slide gate valves. Multiple inlets can be optioned, which drops material through the return chain. En-Mass drag designed to minimize damage to grains and increase conveying efficiency.

Drag conveyors can be used at farms, port facilities, food processing, and mines.

Prime can supply drag conveyors up to 1000 tph capacity.


Prime drags are fitted with UHMW rails for chains to slide on, increasing the power efficiency and durability of the chain. UHMW chain attachments are implemented to ensure the cleanness of the internal.

Fully enclosed design, which minimizes damage from weather, rodent, and dust.


Sensors Options to ensure safe operations:

  • Underspeed sensor
  • Bearing temperature sensor
  • Take up end position sensor