Sieve Cleaners


FDA approved Polyurethane (PU) (except cotton canvas pad) with good rebound resilience, superior abrasion resistance, moisture resistant, oil resistant and low-temperature resistant features ensures long service life.


SMALL TRIANGLE (QA15) – Unique outline and convex centre, easy to bounce on sieves.

BIG TRIANGLE (QA26) – Increased and thickened outline design provides more potential energy and better cleaning effects.

RIVET TRIANGLE(QD21) – Center rivet triangle,  more convenient for moving and bouncing on the sieve.

BRUSH TRIANGLE(QM25) – While bouncing on the sieve, the brush also cleans it at the same time. This greatly increases cleaning efficiency.

RIVET RECTANGLE (QDF38) – The combination of the centre rivet and thick outline gives this product more potential energy so it cleans the sieves even better.

COTTON CANVAS PAD(QB32) – The cotton canvas protects the sieve even better and increases its usage life.