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Prime is a top conveyor manufacturer in Australia. Prime’s drag conveyors are meticulously engineered to facilitate the horizontal or inclined movement of bulk materials. Featuring a series of interlocked chains, this robust conveying solution boasts exceptional flexibility and durability. Crafted from high-grade metal or specialized plastic, the chains are precisely driven by sprockets at both ends, ensuring seamless operation. Ideal for diverse industrial sectors such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and recycling, these conveyors excel at efficiently transporting abrasive, high-temperature, adhesive, or irregularly shaped materials. Experience enhanced material handling efficiency with Prime’s drag conveyors.

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Drag Chain Conveyor Features

Chain Types

Prime’s drag conveyors can utilize different types of chains based on the material being conveyed and the operating conditions. Common chain types include welded steel chains, drop forged chains, and paddle chains. The choice of chain depends on factors such as strength requirements, abrasion resistance, and temperature tolerance.

Trough Options

The trough or casing of Prime’s drag conveyors can be customized based on the material characteristics and the specific application requirements. Troughs can be made of different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or abrasion-resistant steel. The trough shape can also be tailored to accommodate different materials, including flat-bottomed or round-bottomed configurations.

Flight Designs

The flights or paddles attached to the chains play a crucial role in moving the material along the conveyor. The design and configuration of the flights of Prime’s drag conveyors can be adjusted to suit the material being conveyed. Flights can be shaped as U-shaped, paddle-shaped, or drag-flighted, and their spacing can be modified to ensure efficient material movement.

Inlet and Outlet Options

The inlet and outlet openings of Prime’s drag conveyors can be customized to suit the specific application. They can have different shapes and sizes to accommodate the material feeding mechanism and the discharge requirements.

Drive Systems

Prime’s drag conveyors can be powered by various drive systems, including electric motors, hydraulic motors, or pneumatic systems. The choice of drive system depends on factors such as the power requirements, speed control, and environmental considerations.

Speed and Capacity Control

The speed of Prime’s drag conveyors can be adjusted to control the material flow rate and ensure efficient handling. Variable speed drives or adjustable sprockets can be used to control the conveyor speed. Additionally, the capacity of the conveyor can be adjusted by changing the size and spacing of the flights.

Dust Containment

In applications where dust containment is important, Prime’s drag conveyors can be equipped with covers or enclosures to minimize the release of airborne particles. These features help maintain a cleaner and safer working environment.

Wear Protection:

Depending on the material being conveyed and its abrasiveness, wear-resistant liners or coatings can be applied to the trough and other high-wear areas in Prime’s drag conveyors to extend the conveyor's lifespan and reduce maintenance requirements.

Safety Features

Prime’s drag conveyors can be equipped with safety features such as emergency stops, guards, and sensors to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.