Products Technical Description

Bucket Material Options

Mild Steel Suitable for elevating sharp pieces, high bulk density materials, or materials under high temperature circumstances.
Stainless Steel Corrosion resistant and heat resistant,also suitable for food industry.
HDPE Suitable for handling feed, grains, and food products.
Nylon High impact and abrasion resistance, better heat resistance and well suited for handling hot, abrasive and sticky materials.
Reinforced Nylon Even better impact and abrasion resistance than Nylon 6. Working well under high temperature.
PU Extremely high abrasion resistance, tough and flexible. Suitable for handling sharp abrasive and sticky materials.

Measure an Elevator Bucket & Product Usage Recommendations

Note :
  1. AA type bucket sizes are based on Nylon. All other type of bucket sizes are based on HDPE. Nylon and PU bucket size are approximately 2% larger than HDPE material bucket.
  2. Mounting hole dimensions of DM, EU type bucket are strictly according to our size tables, and we can customize mounting holes for all other types of buckets.
  3. Recommended bucket spacing for DM type bucket is C+2mm; all other bucket types are C+10mm. Actual spacing may adjust then.
  4. For engineering purposes, Prime recommends using Water Level + 10% for applicable designing capacity

Elevator Bucket Venting

Venting holes on buckets improve airflow in elevator bucket to assist in materials filling and discharge. When materials entering empty bucket, air flows out from the bucket through venting holes allowing for a more complete fill. When discharge materials, air flows into the bucket through venting holes and pushes materials out of the bucket which facilitate complete discharge of bulk materials.
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