Pan Cleaners

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Industrial & Manufacturing

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Find the solution that best fits your application


CRISSCROSS TYPE (TS32) – Optimized outline and soft structure suitable for small spacing sieve.

SMALL QUINCUNX (TM46) – Unique inner to outer radius shape minimize moving resistance, makes material move more smoothly.

BIG QUINCUNX (TM68) – Bigger size suitable for large size sieve.

TRIANGLE TYPE (TJ81) – Increased thickness for better work effectiveness and longer service life.

DIAMOND TYPE (TL42) – Keeps its original shape and elasticity even used for a long time, suitable for standard size sieve.

RECTANGLE TYPE (TF55) – Suitable for standard size sieve and minimize damage to sieve frame.

PEACH TYPE(TT55) – Round edge design, minimize damage to sieve, suitable for standard size sieve.