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Our Flat Surface Conveyor belt

Prime is the true expert of conveyor belts with 40 years of experience manufacturing quality products. Prime offers general purpose conveyor belts, nylon, polyester, cotton and high temperature resistant belts. Comply with CEMA/RM, AS, GB standards.


Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃.


Polyester Belt Performance

Nylon Belt Performance

The oil-resistant test is performed by using #3 oil (Test duration 72 hours, test temperature at 70 ℃ ). Moderate Oil Resistant: suitable for wood oil, grain oil, animal oil, vegetable oil etc.Superior Oil Resistant: suitable for mineral oil, heavy oil, anti-rust oil, engine oil etc.

Heat Resistant Type:

  • T1: Working temperature is no more than 100℃, short-term peak temperature at 125℃.
  • T2: Working temperature is no more than 125℃, short-term peak temperature at 150℃.
  • T3: Working temperature is no more than 150℃, short-term peak temperature at 175℃.

High-Temperature Resistant Type:

  • T4: Working temperature is no more than 175℃, short-term peak temperature at 230℃.

The surface working temperature of the belt has a huge impact on the belt service life and the adhesion strength between the cover & ply and ply & ply. Therefore, investigate the surface working temperature and other relevant working conditions carefully before choosing the belt type.


  • Prevent the belt from oil. Oil in the coolants and conveyed materials will significantly damage the belt.
  • Keep the materials distributing evenly on the belt. If the equipment unexpected stops during normal operation, take immediate measures to remove the materials on the belt.
  • Suggest hot vulcanized belt splicing for heat resistant conveyor belt.