DM Bucket


For low-speed, continuous discharge, agricultural bucket elevators and materials require gentle handling. Belt speed is between 0.5 to 0.8 m/s

Suitable for products that are fragile or easily damaged. The low speed of discharge makes it an ideal bucket for moving products that need to be conveyed with minimal impact.

Ideal for handling grains, feed, food products and seeds, etc.



  • Flat sloping bottom, which allows material from the next bucket to slide down and fall into discharge.
  • Wings on the side of the bottom face keep material not falling to the side.


Design Recommendations

  • Minimum bucket spacing: bucket depth “C” +2mm.
  • We recommend using“L” for usable capacity.
  • Mounting holes can be customized on request.

Note: “▲” marked size buckets come with higher mounting holes and sidewall.

*Actual dimensions of the buckets will vary slightly depending on specified raw material. The dimensions shown above are for HDPE buckets. Size A, B and C for Nylon and PU elevator buckets will be about dimensionally 2% larger than HDPE elevator buckets.